October 10, 2006

YouTube means Linux and that runs against the Microsoft DNA

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Google brought YouTube for $1.65 billion and the blogsphere is buzzing with posts on the topic.

Robert Scoble speculates What if Microsoft bought YouTube? and there is a Seattle Times blog with the post What Google’s YouTube deal means for Microsoft?

IMO, the key though is that YouTube runs Linux and probably has developers with Linux skills. This runs against both the Microsoft Corporate DNA and the derived Microsoft Employee DNA.

The Corporate DNA shuns all Non-Windows Companies, the key being that buying Windows only companies means among other things:

  • it encourages other startups to develop on and buy Microsoft Software Windows and Servers(SQL, IIS, etc)
  • Having brought a Windows startup means they can move developers around with minimal learning curve.
  • Most Linux\Unix developers anyways hate Microsoft and would leave anyways. I have heard this from more than one person.

This might be one the the reasons Microsoft has so few silicon valley acquisitions. As far as I have noticed they rarely even buy hardware running on non-Windows platform, the only exception being from F5 Networks.It also means they will redevelop a website or product in\on Windows rather than buy it on Non-Windows OS. Don Dodge of Microsoft suggests reasons that is better.
I have seen signs of these in the last one year or so of discussing with Microsoft employees, for startups they would prefer Windows Server 2003\SQL Server over Linux\MySQL without regard to cost, etc, For personal development .Net over Rails due to syntax highlighting and makefile support in Visual Studio and that it is 80% discounted to them and so on.

So, that is another reason, Microsoft\MSN\Live (Or Microsoft MSN’s Live Division as Torres mentions it is) will not buy Zillow which again runs Linux or change it to Windows when they do buy it.
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Update: Roughly Drafted has an article on Microsoft’s failures: The Secret Failures of Microsoft

Update 2: Someone I know correctly pointed out Hotmail use to run on Unix(FreeBSD) when it was brought by Microsoft,

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