September 14, 2006

Presenting: Google Gadget for Zillow ZIndex graph

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While exploring the web 2.0 phenomenon that my friends at MSN (Windows Live) and Amazon talk about and exploring the housing market to decide whether to buy a house, I came up with an idea. Thanks to the Zillow API and the Google Gadgets API, it was possible to realize it and also to make it available for general public. The result is Google Gadget for Zillow ZIndex graph.

Thanks to Drew Meyers at Zillow for his support and notes on ensuring terms of the Zillow APi agreement were met for the gadget, Zillow‘s to allow permission to publish this usage and Robbie at Seattle’s Rain City Real Estate Guide for his tip on setting graph duration type.
The rest is from the main Google Gadget for Zillow ZIndex graph page.

Google Gadget for Zillow‘s ZIndex Graph
This gadget allows adding a graph for ZIndex (which is derived from median prices of homes sold) for a specific location such as All of the USA, any state (WA, CA, etc), any city or zip code. I found this to be nifty way to track home prices in a location of interest. It can be added to the Personalized Google Homepage, Desktop and Pages.
A screenshot is below, you make click on it for a larger version.

Google Gadget for Zillow ZIndex graph.

Try it out (shorter version):

Add to Google

Try it out (longer version):

To try it out on your Personalized Google Home, please follow the following steps:

-Go to the Google Personalized Home.

-Click on the link in the top left corner, “Add more to this page >>”.

-Click on the “Add by URL” link near the top next to the Search button

-Paste or type the following url,

-Click on Ok to continue and add. You can press “Add” again to add multiple instances of the same gadget.
-Click on the link at the top of the page, “<< Back to homepage".

-The gadget will by default show the Zillow ZIndex 1 year graph for the zip code 98008 in percentage .

-Use the "edit" link at the top menu of the gadget to change parameters such as Location type (Zipcode, city, state, all of USA), the city, state or zip if applicable, type of graph(dollars or percentage) and duration of graph(1, 5 and 10 year(s)). Click the "Save" button when done.

Please put comments, bug notes as comments.



My earlier post for background: Introduction to Zillow API: Web Service to access Real Estate data from

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  1. works really nice in Google Desktop sidebar too.

    Comment by Kamal — October 29, 2006 @ 10:54 pm
  2. [...] area. Amit Chaudhary, a developer who worked with our API, developed the gadget and explains how to add the Zindex gadget to your personalized Google page. Once you add it, you can find the Zindex for a ZIP code of [...]

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